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An Interview with the owner of PBS
Don Hicks

A multi-dimensional musician, writer, arranger, producer and mastering engineer

Q: Don, Why does Pomona Beech Studio exist?
A: Pomona Beech exists solely for our listening pleasure.

Q: Is the studio for hire?
A: Pomona Beech is a Project-Orientated Studio, meaning
     if we like the material maybe we'll record it.

Q: I noticed your rates are very high, why?
A: So people won't bother us with requests to record
     boring music & to scare away the rift-raft.
     If we do take on a project, we don't usually charge anything.

Q: Are the CD's available or for sale and if so, how can someone get a copy?
A: As you know, some of the material on our CDs are copyrighted
     by other people and their lawyers can be very nasty.
     Because of this behavior we don't sell our CDs.
     However, we do accept studio donations. See the MP3 page  for details.

Q: Any advice for an up & coming musician?
A: Yes, play like it's your last time & dance like no-one's watching.

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 General Rate Information   


Pomona Beech Recording Studio

COSTS ONLY $350.00 per hour

For $3000.00 you get a full 10-hour day!

(That's only $300.00 per hour!)

Pomona Beech Studio is an excellent recording facility.

We have professional, high quality digital recording equipment.

Pomona Beech has the capability to record, mix, digitally edit and master your music to CD.

How can Pomona Beech Studio afford to charge such a great price

for high quality recording and mastering?

It's simple!

Pomona Beech Studio is owner operated and all of the studio gear is paid for.

PLUS...We overcharge everyone else to pass the great savings to YOU the client!

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