We all know that people enjoy golf, pool, and bowling leagues, but not many belong to a musician’s league. Every Tuesday night for the last decade or so, I have promoted and sponsored such an event. All who come, enjoy listening, playing & talking about music. Over the years, it has evolved into 'Tuesday Bowling Night'. If we called it ‘sitting around playing & drinking beer’ night, the wives & girlfriends would have a problem with that. So we call it Bowling Night and it just seems to work out just fine that way. Of course all of this lends itself to the many varieties... 'Mystery Night', when we have our blow-out throw-down jam sessions to 'Christmas Banquets', where we listen to the eclectic collection of holiday tunes. to even the name 'Al Lee' (Alley) & The Spare Pins. I hope you enjoy your visit here and maybe even get motivated to starting your own 'Bowling Night' soon.

  Don Hicks