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The Bandeko's are an off-shoot group of Al Lee & the Spare Pins.
They are   Organist - Ron DeMarco,    Bassist - Sal Polumbo,
Vocalist - Mike Beatty,     Drummer - Nino Cercone,  &   Guitarist - Don Hicks


Never Bet Your Life

(From the Al Lee & The Spare Pins CD - In The Gutter Again)


In the casino of life, You gotta know what's at stake
Can you afford to lose, The bet you make

Even the best, Can't run the tables twice
Won't take a big chance, On one roll of the dice

You can bet your car, You can bet your wife
But one things for sure, Never bet your life

I been out on top, I've had money to burn
But it only takes one leg, For a table to turn

I lost all my money, I been out in the cold
If you ain't holdin' aces, Man, its time to fold

You can take my advice, Or be sacrificed.
If you know what's good for you, Never bet your life

So what's your wager, What's your curse
When the chips are down, It could be worse

If you got the fever, But never paid the price
Don't bet with the devil, Unless your name's Jesus Christ

You see what I'm saying, You don't live twice
So never ever ever, Ever bet your life

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2003 Pomona Beech Music