Ron DeMarco



A tribute recording to one of the best Hammond B3 players in Detroit,
Ron (T-Bone) DeMarco, who passed away in February 2007 before his time.
These selections were culled from his performances over the years at Pomona Beech Studio.
The musicians (too many to list) on this CD were all his friends
and deeply miss his 'one of a kind' personality...


The Jams:
1) The Pomona Beech Shuffle
2) Canned Spam Jam
3) Ron Has His Way (with the Queen)
4) Down In The Basement (that's where it's at)
5) Ronsal Donnino (Free for all)


The Songs: (From the Al Lee & The Spare Pins CD - In The Gutter Again)
6) Have A Little Faith In Me
7) At Last
8) Sixteen Tons
9) Ron's Requiem (Don Hicks - Guitars & Hammond Organ) (Nino Cercone - Drums)



In 2007, my friend Ron DeMarco left this earth.
The least I could do is record this song for him,
He was one hell of a Hammond B3 player,
excuse the sloppy editing. done in hurry... for you Ron


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2011 Pomona Beech Music