Champagne Charlie

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An old band I was in during the late 70's & early 80's...
Champagne Charlie was: Mike Beatty - Vocals, Sal Palumbo - Bass,
Steve Adcock - Drums, Jim Poling - Guitar, Don Hicks - Guitar

There are some live recordings of questionable quality on the free mp3 page here


The Bullet-Proof Rib Shack

Champagne Charlie


Slide on in to my parking space
Gonna tell the family, said this is the place
Gonna buy me the Daddy Back
At the Bullet Proof Rib Shack

Hands greasier than a goose
And the bean pie gonna turn me loose
Barbecued ribs, buy 'em by the sack
At the Bullet Proof Rib Shack

By the way, we also have chicken...

Slide the money underneath the door
Well the foods in there, just pull out the drawer
Drinks on the turntable, reach thru the crack
At the Bullet Proof Rib Shack

No, we don't sell no big Mac's
Don't make no Bonus Jacks
Well I'm coming back

You don't need no Ex-lax
Everybody sit back & relax
Well I'm coming back
To the Bullet Proof Rib Shack

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2002 Pomona Beech Music